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Hiroshi by Gentlewolf Hiroshi :icongentlewolf:Gentlewolf 5 17
Chaos to Balance, Peace and Unity
Life is chaos…
It is what we strive for.
We make plans, follow a schedule,
We become a slave to the clock.
We take for granted,
Every day,
And forget
The wonders of life.
Everything is a wonder.
The shining sun,
The blue sky,
The cool breeze…
Even the dark clouds,
The thunder,
The rain…
Life has a new lesson every day.
When you close yourself off,
You invite chaos into your daily life.
When your life is chaotic,
Your subconscious seeks balance.
Too much of one thing
Not enough of another.
Good and bad…
You cannot have one without the other.
It is through balance that you find peace.
There are many ways to find balance.
No one the same.
Respect one another to find unity.
Peace and unity is needed for survival.
The survival of our planet.
For survival we must learn our individual responsibility,
To create peace and unity
Through respecting everyone’s individuality
And mastering our own inner balance.
:icongentlewolf:Gentlewolf 1 3
Ostara - Spring Equinox
Equal Day, Equal Night
Half Dark, Half Light
Growth and Renewal
Rebirth and accrual
Flowers bloom
Trees bud
Fertile womb
New blood
Waters of life
Make way
For new beginnings
On this day
Blessed be the Goddess
The Mother
The Earth
And may we welcome the season
With much joy
And mirth.
:icongentlewolf:Gentlewolf 3 4
Frozen Hope: Chapter 1
Elsa felt an odd sense of relief when her father left the room.  She’d told him that she had been reading out loud from a favorite book.  Thankfully he didn’t question her explanation as to why he had supposedly heard her talking to herself.  As always, he seemed anxious to leave her room.  He tried not to make it look so obvious - being King meant that he had a lot of work to do – but she could tell that her presence scared him.  
Usually the reminder that her own parents were afraid to be around her intensified her feelings of despair and hatred for the powers that she had come to despise.  However, there was something else that intrigued her mind at the moment and she hurried back over to her window, where she hoped she would still find the presence she’d felt before.
“Hello?” her voice whispered for fear of anyone else hearing her.  “Are you still there?”  With a sense of desperation for the con
:icongentlewolf:Gentlewolf 4 5
Frozen Despair: Introduction
Once again, silence came from the other side of the door.  The persistent begging to come out and play had stopped.  However, the sense of relief was short lived and quickly replaced by a bottomless chasm of loneliness.  More than anything else, Elsa missed her little sister, but fear of the inability to control her powers made it necessary that she distance herself.  Of course, Anna didn’t understand.  Anna didn’t remember what had happened, which was both a blessing and a curse.  Elsa didn’t think she could handle Anna’s looks of fear and maybe even hatred.  
Elsa walked to the window, which she kept shut tight In spite of it being a warm, spring afternoon with rays of sunshine spilling into her room.  She distanced herself from the world around her in order to keep everyone safe and to keep everyone from looking at her as if she were a monster.  However, the price that she paid in return was almost unbearable.
:icongentlewolf:Gentlewolf 5 3
Tick Tock, Tick Tock…
The living room clock resonates through the night…
As I sit here thinking, and conclude that my mind’s not right.
I imagine a pair of strong arms holding me tight,
Yet miles upon miles away, my husband is working with all of his might.
Another thought comes, and I ponder…
If I’d made the right decision would things have come to pass…
Or would a little longer my mother’s life had last?
Chasing away those thoughts before I cry
I think of yet another who never said goodbye…
Counting my blessings of which I have many,
And the future looks to have plenty…
Yet the past is hard to leave behind
Even though it hasn’t been so kind…
How do I move forward on my own?
With these feelings of being all alone?
Yet through this all, let it be known…
That my husband will one day be home…
Another best friend I will one day meet,
Though what I lost it will never replace…
And while my mother’s hea
:icongentlewolf:Gentlewolf 3 2
Like a phantom in the night
It’s unexpected and cruel.
Yet come mornings light,
There may be a renewal.
Like a baby bird about to take flight
Reluctant and scared
To it’s nest it holds on tight
Completely unprepared.
Yet at the end of the plight
When we take time to review
The reasons against which we fight
Can be seen from a different view
Despite its unwelcome sight
And our wish for things to stay the same,
A new future that is bright
Could be waiting for you to claim.
:icongentlewolf:Gentlewolf 2 2
Samhain Time
The veil grows thinner
With each passing day…
It’s time for the light
To go away…
The time for the living
Is coming to an end…
It’s time for the dead
That we must commend…
Honor those who have
Already passed,
Of which our memories
Will always last…
For the more sinister
Who tricks do play,
We dress up and decorate
To keep at bay…
For the loved ones we wish
One more time to meet,
A treat we leave outside
For us to greet.
:icongentlewolf:Gentlewolf 3 9
Blessed Mabon by Gentlewolf Blessed Mabon :icongentlewolf:Gentlewolf 5 6 Gentlewolf   Commission By Ondjage-d9ahs67 by Gentlewolf Gentlewolf Commission By Ondjage-d9ahs67 :icongentlewolf:Gentlewolf 11 0
Akatsuki no Yona - The story of Ishi 4c
Ch. 4 Part 3
Yours, Mine, Ours, & Theirs
Ishi lay awake on her side, listening to the sound of her other two tent occupants breathing; three, if you counted the squirrel – Ao, Shin-ah’s little furry companion – who occasionally made a tiny squeak in her sleep.  Ishi’s back was to the two men; Shin-ah and Zeno.  She didn’t mind that they were there, really, except that it had taken this long to calm the beating of her heart.  Being close to Shin-ah had that effect on her.
Assuming they were both asleep, Ishi turned onto her back.  She was by the furthest edge of the tent.  Zeno slept in the middle with his head opposite from hers, down by her feet.  After continuing to roll onto her other side, she soon found herself looking upon Shin-ah’s face.  His mask had been angled to the side in his sleep.  Quickly looking away, as if she were seeing something that she shouldn’t have, her curiosity ove
:icongentlewolf:Gentlewolf 10 18
Social Outcast
I smile and say hello.
You don’t know it’s just for show.
Most people would call me mellow,
While I just try to go with the flow.
I hide who I am from the world,
Because no one understands.
The real me can’t be unfurled,
Until people stop making their demands.
I will not change to fit into your group,
So you may think me rude.
While you’re over there gossiping with your troop,
Don’t just assume I’m in a mood.
How you treat me will decide,
How open I’ll become.
To see the side that I hide,
Try getting to know me some.
:icongentlewolf:Gentlewolf 5 11
Akatsuki no Yona - The story of Ishi 4b
Ch. 4 Part 2
Her, Him, They and Them
“Look, Ishi!  I’m Hakuryuu!” a young, seven year old Kan Tae-Jun exclaimed, brandishing five sticks, tied together to resemble a dragon’s arm.  The second son of the General of the Fire Tribe raked his pretend claws over an invisible enemy that he fought in his child’s play.  
At the age of six, Ishi was at the palace of Saika, the Fire Tribes capitol.  She came here often, whereas her family was the regular entertainment for General Kan Soo-Jin’s social affairs.  Her mother danced with metal fans – a deadly yet graceful art. Her uncle and his family were acrobats whose act was both humorous and awe inspiring.  Because Ishi was so close in age with the General’s youngest son, she was permitted to play with Tae-Jun during these regular occasions, and the two of them became good friends.
Tae-Jun had always loved the stories of “King Hiryuu and the four Dr
:icongentlewolf:Gentlewolf 5 2
Montana-Wolf by Gentlewolf Montana-Wolf :icongentlewolf:Gentlewolf 10 12
Regretful Heart
My mind overthinks every mistake I have made,
Nothing I say can make it right,
Consequences for my actions must be paid,
And I apologize with all my might.
Cut deeply between us with a blade,
Healing this rift seems a hopeless fight.
Both with feelings of being betrayed,
Is our friendship deserving of this blight,
How can truths be conveyed,
And everything brought back into the light?
Memories that refuse to fade,
Haunt me throughout the night,
Lost for words that may persuade,
Permission that the past we may rewrite.
Long enough has this been delayed,
Both of us stubborn, outright,
My soul to you does serenade,
What my heart wishes to say forthright.
:icongentlewolf:Gentlewolf 5 0
Akatsuki no Yona - The story of Ishi 4a
Ch. 4 Part 1
You, Me, He, & She
“We should stop here for tonight.  We won’t reach Saika until tomorrow,” Yoon announced as they came to a mostly deserted section of land not far off from the base of the mountain.  It was a dry area that was surrounded by large boulders and almost barren trees.  They would be kept sheltered and protected throughout the night before starting their track across the arid landscape to the Fire Tribe capitol.
Unaware that there was any sort of set routine about setting up camp, Ishi went straight about putting the tent together that the old man of Senri Village had packed for her.  Everyone else, who stood waiting for Yoon’s instructions, stared at her in awe of her initiative.  Yoon, in particular, stared at her with feelings of agitation and apprehension. “Well, come on, what are you waiting for, you monsters?” Yoon ordered to hide his irritation.
Before anyone could move, Jae-ha qu
:icongentlewolf:Gentlewolf 4 6

Random from Photography

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United States
Current Residence: NW Indiana
Favourite genre of music: I'm very Eclectic. I like all different types of music.
Favourite style of art: Whatever catches my eye
Favourite book: Memoirs of a Geisha and War of the Fae
Favourite movie: Spirited Away & The Vision of Escaflowne
Favourite cartoon/Anime character(s): Li Syaoran from CardCaptor Sakura, Sokka & Toph from ATLA, and Shin-ah from Akatsuki no Yona
Personal Quote: If age is a matter of feeling and not of years, then I'm 25

A New Road:

Journal Entry: Sun May 28, 2017, 10:08 PM

Constructive Criticism :stamp: by kchuu

I apologize for not updating more last night.  I was a bit distracted (Rhiahannaen was watching Coraline and I hadn’t ever seen it before, either) and I wanted to be sure that I worded everything in this journal right.


I was in a very dark place a few months ago, as my March 11th journal entry suggested.  It was all I could do to keep my head above the water. 


My daughter Kylie spent Easter Sunday with her Father.  When he brought her home that night I was faced with a crossroad on my life’s journey and had to make a decision that was going to take me on a whole new path.  Well, I suppose it’s more a return to a previous path. 


If you have been following me for a while or are one of those who I consider to be a friend, you are aware of my spirituality.  I didn’t make a secret of the fact that I identified as being Pagan, meaning that I followed a non-Abrahamic path.  I didn’t call myself a Christian, though I have been Baptized and Confirmed as a Roman Catholic. I have written often about my spiritual beliefs.  I did not consider myself religious.  I’ve always said, though, that I didn’t have anything against Jesus and that I believed he was a good man who taught some very good things.  It was a lot of his followers that I didn’t like…  because so many of them pick and choose from the Bible what they want to preach about and ignore everything that doesn’t support their “cause.” 


Well, on Easter Sunday, I was informed that Kylie wanted to go to Sunday School at her father’s church and that a bus could come and pick her up on the Sunday’s when she is with me.  Adam, my husband, does not have a good opinion of this church and everyone that I mention the name of the church to cringes at the thought of it.  I also didn’t like the idea of sending my child off on a bus to a church that I know nothing about and have no idea what they are teaching.  Don’t get me wrong, I had nothing against my child learning about Jesus…  rather, I had everything against my child being dropped off at home one day from that church bus and telling me that “I’m going to hell because I don’t go to church,” or that she’s being bullied and picked on because her mother isn’t a member of the church. 


As I mentioned, I was raised as a Roman Catholic; I’ve been Baptized, had my First Communion and was later Confirmed while in college.  I had already been thinking about putting the kids in CCD.  I tried talking to my mother’s cousin, who is a Catholic Priest, about it.  However, I later came to the conclusion that the only way I would get my kids in CCD classes would be if I returned to the church as well.  The Catholic church doesn’t just want your children to come to Sunday school while you say at home…  they want you to be there, in church, as well. 


Of course…  this wasn’t an easy decision for me to make.  I had a lot of questions and concerns about returning to the Church.  I wasn’t about to put my children through anything that I wasn’t willing to do, myself.  I wasn’t going to expect my children to believe in something that I didn’t believe in…  So I knew that I had some soul searching to do. 


This wasn’t something that I was going to take lightly.  I first informed my Mother’s cousin of my decision, and he recommended me to talk to one of the Deacon’s in my local Catholic Church.  After contacting him and making an appointment, we met up.  The quick meeting that I was expecting turned into an hour and a half, open-minded and enjoyable conversation that would have lasted longer had I not have had to pick up my daughters from the Boys and Girls club.  I seemed to have impressed the Deacon with my knowledge of other worldly beliefs, though compared to my husband and several other friends, I know very little.  My primary question took him by surprise and needed some thought, though I would find my answer a couple of days later. 


And I’m still finding answers to questions.  But as I am growing in the Catholic Faith again, I am also trying to figure out how I can hold on to my Spiritual beliefs.   Though of course my Spiritual beliefs are growing as I continue to find answers in the Catholic Faith.  Needless to say, it’s a learning process.


Also, I am very sorry that I haven’t written anything new.  Life has been busy since Easter.  Things have gotten better, whereas we are not in as much financial distress.  However, I’ve been very busy with work, and with my Daughter, Rhiahannaen.  I had to take her off of her ADHD medicine because we didn’t have insurance and couldn’t afford it.  Now that we have insurance again, I’m trying to decide if I should put her back on her medicine or not… 


I haven’t had much time at all to think about writing…  To be honest I haven’t had much inspiration or ideas, either…  :(  I kind of feel a bit lost, there… 


In any case, that’s about it for now.  I’m being distracted again, and it’s getting late.  I’ll try to update more.  It’s almost summer, so hopefully I’ll have more time, though I don’t want to make any promises. 



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  • Reading: Rediscovering Jesus
  • Watching: Pokemon XY with Rhiahannaen
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  • Drinking: Water

"Don't Quit" by ~Jill Wolf

Don't quit when the tide is lowest,
For it's just about to turn;
Don't quit over doubts and questions,
For there's something you may learn.

Don't quit when the night is darkest,
For it's just awhile 'til dawn;
Don't quit when you've run the farthest,
For the race is almost won.

Don't quit when the hill is steepest,
For your goal is almost nigh;
Don't quit, for you're not a failure
Until you fail to try.

Who says Writers aren't Artists?

"A fictional story... has been conceived by an artist with words, shaped by the writer's imagination, much as a sculptor shapes a statue." ~Jean Fiedler


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